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What is VegeOil ?
Vegeoil or Vegetable Oil is simply a source of fuel that could be used as substitute of the petroleum. Some studies said, that will be profitable as soon the petroleum oil prices increase is real alternative energy source.

There is more interest in renewable gasoline alternatives. Electric cars and hydrogen fuel cells on this days are being proposed as energy as alternatives to oil, but it will take be several years of development to make it massive. Biofuels are renewable and avalaible right now.

The main concept is that fuels can be made from natural and renewable sources instead of fossil fuels. People knows how to produce vegetable oils from a wide range of familiar crops such as corn, soybean, palm, rapeseed, canola, cottonseed, sunflower, peanut and even animal fat. And all this sources can be used to produce different kinds of Vegetable Oils.

Plant oil is the largest source of vegeoil , but it can even be made from recycled cooking greases from the kitchen or a restaurant ! For example you have vegetable oils in common things like butter.

Biofuels can be made virtually from materials that contains fat on any form. Oils and fats the same thing. Oils are simply fats that are liquid at room temperature.