Fill it on the restaurant !
Instead of heading for the gas station when it's time to fill people can go to the restaurants and pick up they used fryer grease he gets for free.

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Diesel cars and engines can be switch between diesel fuel and veggie oil, creating a hybrid of sorts with minimum modifications. They basically use the diesel oil to warm up the veggie oil. Some pleople reports the use of Pure Veggie Oil on diesel engines without modifications with a cost of USD 2.64 per gallon. Look a mercedes converted to run on vegetable oil
During June the Big Green Bus from Dartmouth College runned Coast to Coast on vegetable oil from deep fat fryers. View the photos To run on vegetable oil, the oil first has to be heated to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. using standard diesel until the vegetable oil comes to temperature.
  • Did you know that cars equipped with diesel engines are about 25% more efficient than regular cars and saves you money.
  • BioFuel and Eco Friendly Energies Links
    Brazil unveils new veggie-diesel fuel Brazil can become the most important nation in the world for renewable energy. They have developed a new type of diesel fuel that is mixed with various vegetable oils, an innovation that energy officials said will save the country millions on imported diesel in the coming years.
    Researchers identify energy gains and environmental impacts of corn ethanol and soybean biodiesel
    Biodiesel beats ethanol in biofuel battle - New Scientist
    Biodiesel picks up steam - The State Journal-Register
    How to make biodiesel introduction to home biodiesel production. It includes lists of equipment and materials needed to make small batches of biodiesel. It describes biodiesel and includes cautionary notes and procedures for making test batches and 5-gallon batches. An extensive resource list is also provided.
    BioFuel Watch Because there are biofuels which are truly sustainable and climate-friendly, but others like Palm oil or soya destroying the rainforest land are not! The European Biofuel Directive is creating a massive unregulated market in biofuels. Alternative Diesel Fuels - A beginner's tutorial on using vegetable oil as fuel in a diesel engine
    Alternative Fuels Portal
    Anaerobic Digestion from Municipal Waste
    Educational Web Site for Biomass and Bioenergy, Article on the oldest source of energy used by humans
    Biofuel Planet
    "Biomass as Feedstock for a Bioenergy and Bioproducts Industry", a 2005 joint study sponsored by the United States Department of Energy and Department of Agriculture
    IEA Bioenergy
    Ghent Bio Energy Valley
    High performance by steam turbine for biomass-fired CHP plant in Iisalmi, Finland
    IEA Bioenergy - Task 29
    Circle Biodiesel & Ethanol
    Waste Vegetable Oil Conversion News
    What is Biodiesel
    PEFI Alcohol Process Development & Demonstration (EcaleneTM)
    Russian National Biofuels Association
    VegeOil Vehicle Conversions
    The Global Vegetable Fuel Resources Map
    BIODIESEL & SVO DISCUSSION FORUMS Bio Fuel Oasis Sell high quality commercial biodiesel in California that meets ASTM standards.
    Berkeley Biodiesel Collective
    National Biodiesel Board FAQ
    University of Missouri BioFuel Information,
    Pacific Biodiesel a company with world wide biodiesel production.
    Kit to make biodiesel fuel out of new or used vegetable oil in the comfort and relative safety of your own garage.
    Nationwide Biofuel Users Over 400 fleets in the United States that are using biodiesel of a biodiesel blend in their vehicles and equipment.
    Piedmont Biofuels is a worker and member owned cooperative. Leads the grassroots sustainability movement in North Carolina by using and encouraging the use of clean, renewable biofuels.
    Biodiesel Magazine
    The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
    Bio Diesel Now !
    Willie Nelsonís Biodiesel
    BE Bio-Energy BioDiesel Site in Australia
    Post Carbon Institute Enjoy the freedom to drive, you have a house that relies on electricity and heat from natural gas and most of the food you eat comes from far away.
    Apollo Alliance For Clean Energy
    Biodiesel in Australia
    Biodiesel in the Marine Environment
    US Navy calls for broad use of BIODIESEL at Navy and Marine Facilities to greater the use of domestically produced fuel and increase security by reducing dependence of foreign sources of oil. All vehicles shall operate on a blend B20 or 20% of biodiesel after june 1, 2005.
    Vegetable oil is affordable earth friendly fuel ! How to install the injector line heaters
    Fossil Free Fuel Conversion Services
    Veggie Oil Conversions Convert your diesel vehicle to run on recycled, vegetable oil.
    UK conversion specialists The Bio-Fleet Project will create a user base of fifty business vehicles running on a truly sustainable fuel and establish the local fuel supply. The aim is to demonstarate a viable, replicable green transport model for the UK.
    Greasecar Vegetable Oil Conversion System is an auxiliary fuel modification system that allows all diesel vehicles to run on straight vegetable oil in any climate.
    The British Diesel - Secret
    How to use straight vegetable oil SVO in my diesel engine
    Veggie Fuel
    Making Bar Soap The biodiesel process leaves two eco-friendly usable products from what was a single waste product, WVO (waste or used Vegetable Oil); one is the fuel but the other is the glycerine by-product which can be worked into a bar soap.
    BIo Fuel Stations Locate filtered used vegetable oil and biodiesel refueling locations while traveling in the United States.
    Biodiesel Homebrew Guide: Everything You Need To Know To Make Quality Alternative Diesel Fuel From Restaurant Fryer Oil
    Collaborative Biodiesel Tutorial Great site for learning and resources
    Sustaintable Green Fleets
    Biofuel Planet aim information on Biofuels including Biodiesel and Bioethanol as well as other alternative energy and sustainable energy sources and technologies.
    Making Bio Diesel
    Site devoted to bio diesel
    How to make your own biodiesel
    A PremierBiodiesel is an alternative to petroleum diesel. It is called biodiesel because it is made from mostly biodegradable materials and can be used as fuel in diesel engines. It can also be used in boilers or furnaces designed to use heating oils or in oil-fueled lighting equipment. It can be used neat (100% biodiesel), or it can be blended with petroleum diesel.
    Biodiesel Filling Stations Addresses and location maps of biodiesel filling stations within the UK.
    Titrating Oil - Collaborative Biodiesel Tutorial Collaborative Biodiesel Tutorial - The Collaborative Biodiesel Tutorial 'visual guide to titration' by Sam Ley .
    Biodiesel Overview Boulder Biodiesel - Biodiesel is a domestic, non-toxic, biodegradable fuel that can be made from used ... Biodiesel is made from used or new vegetable oils or animal fats .
    Biodiesel - Biodiesel is a clean burning fuel which runs in any unmodified diesel engine. This fuel is an environmentally-friendly alternative to the higher emission petroleum diesel used in large transport vehicles and some cars and trucks. In addition, biodiesel can be made from renewable resources such as vegetable oil or animal fat and even from used cooking oil, an abundant waste product.

    Biodiesel is currently being manufactured at an industrial scale by large companies but can also be made on a small scale with simple technology. We hope to be a clearinghouse for biodiesel information, especially the information, skills and technology necessary for making it on a small scale.

    Straight Vegetable Oil (SVO) - Diesel engines can also be run on unmodified vegetable oil, if the oil is heated or mixed with other fuels. Using waste vegetable oil this can be an amazingly inexpensive and ecological alternative fuel. You can convert almost any diesel vehicles to run on SVO .

    Making Biodiesel at Home

    Here are some Biodiesel recipes we collected in 1997. People are still generally using the same recipes but we really recommend reading From the Fryer to the Fuel Tank and doing other web research.

    Recipes using New Vegetable Oil - Fat Of The Land Recipe - From the women who made a movie about a cross country biodiesel journey.

    Remember that the chemicals needed to make biodiesel can be toxic and dangerous. Please be careful and take all safety precautions. We are not responsible for any injuries or damage to any vehicles from using biodiesel. Good luck. Running a diesel vehicle on straight vegetable oil (SVO) While biodiesel is a great alternative fuel with lower emissions and the ease of use in an unmodified engine, the real economic and ecological savings come when running on Straight Vegetable Oil (SVO). Believe it or not, the original diesel engines were designed to run on peanut oil! Today's engines are designed with petro-diesel in mind and therefore require a fuel with similar physical properties. Vegetable oil will burn in a diesel engine but only if its viscosity (how thick a liquid is) can be brought down to a level similar to petro-diesel. To do this you can mix it with another fuel such as kerosene or petro-diesel, but you can also do it by heating it to about 160 įF. This option can allow you to run on pure vegetable oil, including waste vegetable oil. You can modify your car to have a heated fuel tank which allows us to run on vegetable oil during the summer and also allows us to run on biodiesel during the winter (which would otherwise be gelled). The vehicle is started on biodiesel and then the tank is heated with hot coolant from the engine. After a few miles the fuel is ready to go and then you can run on vegetable oil. For details of this conversion see our article on Biodiesel Winterization. This system is based on plans described in From the Fryer to the Fuel Tank.

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