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Vegetable Oil

Vegetable Oil

Vegetable Oil

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Vegetable Oil  - What is Vegetable Oil! - How to use your vegeoil. Alternative bio energy information and production.

What is Vegetable Oil ?

Vegetable oil or vegeoil is an oil made with biomass and organic sources.
You and use it for food. Is also one alternative bio energy.
Vegeoil sources information and production.
Sources of Vegetable Oil
Vegeoil can be made from almost any kind of oil: palm, corn, soy, whale...but and even some kinds of algaes
  • Soybean: 40 to 50 US gal/acre (35 to 45,000 L/km)
  • Rapeseed: 110 to 145 US gal/acre (100 to 130,000 L/km)
  • Mustard: 140 US gal/acre (130,000 L/km)
  • Jatropha: 175 US gal/acre (160,000 L/km)
  • Palm oil: 650 US gal/acre (580,000 L/km) [6]
  • Algae: 10,000 to 20,000 US gal/acre (9,000,000 to 18,000,000 L/km)
  • Fill it on the restaurant !
    Vegeoil or Vegetable Oil is simply a source of energy that comes from the plants.

    The plants take the energy from the sun and save it into the oil.

    This energy can be used as fuel on engines, to move cars or to generate electricity and many other uses.

    The biofuel can be used to move the world as petroleum substitute.

    Biofuel production from vegetable oil is not a secret, but have some material cost.

    Making biodiesel is profitable as soon the petroleum prices reach over $75 a barrel.

    Instead of heading for the gas station when it's time to fill - people can go to the restaurants and pick up they used fryer grease he gets for free.

    Diesel cars and engines can be switch between diesel fuel and veggie oil, creating a hybrid of sorts with minimum modifications. They basically use the diesel oil to warm up the veggie oil. Some pleople reports the use of Pure Veggie Oil on diesel engines without modifications with a cost of USD 2.64 per gallon. - Look a mercedes converted to run on vegetable oil -

    During June the Big Green Bus from Dartmouth College runned Coast to Coast on vegetable oil from deep fat fryers. - To run on vegetable oil, the oil first has to be heated to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Using standard diesel until the vegetable oil comes to temperature.
    Did you know that cars equipped with diesel engines are about 25% more efficient than regular cars and saves you money.
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    Brazil unveils new veggie-diesel fuel - Brazil can become the most important nation in the world for renewable energy. They have developed a new type of diesel fuel that is mixed with various vegetable oils, an innovation that energy officials said will save the country millions on imported diesel in the coming years.
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    The Goat Industries Fuels Database - UK based

    Biodiesel Plant - Why produce biodiesel rather than use straight vegetable oil? The biodiesel production process breaks down the vegetable oil molecule into four smaller molecules which effectively reduces the viscosity of the product, making it similar in constitution to the diesel that we buy on the fore court. The biodiesel product, methyl ester, is generally much more acceptable as a fuel as it has a set of proper standards that can be applied which guarantees a minimum quality level. A huge amount of research has been undertaken into methyl ester biodiesel fuel with considerations such as emissions, engine durability, fuel storage and environmental benefits being taken into account. The current conclusion is that biodiesel is the fuel for the future given that engines are being produced with more complex fuel delivery systems to achieve greater performance, cleaner emissions and improved efficiency. Older engines, particularly the indirect injection type, can be run on straight vegetable oil with reasonably good tail pipe emissions and fuel economy but newer engines tell a different storey. Newer engines are more precisely tailored to the fuel that they use, which is generally ULSD (ultra low sulphur diesel) and so need a biofuel that has similar properties to this fuel. Biodiesel, being of a similar viscosity and chemical constitution to ULSD, does have a future in modern diesel engines.
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