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egBurner Fuelling diesel engines with vegetable oil
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West Central Soy B100 (100% biodiesel)
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NRDC - report on clean air, energy, and transportation

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Collaborative Biodiesel Tutorial Visit Here First to learn about the basics of biodiesel

Biodiesel Homebrewing Guide Known by many as THE biodiesel homebrew guide
InfoPop Biodiesel Forum Forum for all things Biodiesel
  • Biodiesel Now A great forum for general biodiesel information.
  • Biodiesel Yahoo Group
    tacomabiodiesel.org - Tacoma Biodiesel Co-op
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    Adapting an engine to run on vegetable oil. LPG conversion for a diesel engine dont make a whole lot of sense because LPG prices are rising also.

    Diesel Veg
    Bio Diesel
    Diesel conversion
    LPG - Kits Diesel
    LPG System
    Bio Diesel
    Bio Power A good site for finding your local W V O supplier and They have producers all over the UK.
  • Appleseed Biodiesel Reactor Open Source - Complete plans for biodiesel homebrewing equipment, using off-the-shelf parts and a water heater, for less than $200 in materials. (PESWiki; May 7, 2005)
  • Tiny Reactor Boosts Biodiesel Production - The device - about the size of a credit card - pumps vegetable oil and alcohol through tiny parallel channels, each smaller than a human hair, to convert the oil into biodiesel almost instantly. (PESN; Apr. 19, 2006)
    Breakthrough in Biodiesel Production
    Japanese scientists have discovered a way to convert vegetable oil into biodiesel with a much less expensive catalyst than what is currently used. (Slashdot; Nov. 2005)
    The most destructive crop on earth is no solution to the energy crisis - George Monbiot points out that the demand for biodiesel is going beyond recycling the fat from frying potatoes. To meet this demand, the crop being planted is palm trees, for which forests are being cut down. (Guardian.uk; Dec. 6, 2005) Palm Tree
    BioDiesel Association
    BioDiesel The NBB is the national trade association representing the biodiesel industry as the coordinating body for research and development in the US. Membership is comprised of state, national, and international feedstock.
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